Cash For Gold

Sell Your Gold Jewelry to a Safe, Dependable Internet Buyer

Today, selling gold and other precious metals on the Internet to raise much-needed extra money has its challenges. The first, and most important, is to choose an established buyer with a good reputation for honest payments and reliable service. If this statement describes your current need, you’ve come to the right place. Cash for Gold Co has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and absolutely no unresolved complaints on record. When you do business with us, you can rely on the fact that we will keep our word, honor our claims and do what we promise to do.

We will value your property correctly and pay you a fair and equitable percentage of its actual value. You will never receive an offer that is some absurdly-low percentage of your gold’s actual worth from Cash for Gold Co.

We Speak the Same Language as Our Customers

There is only one proper way to determine the current value of any gold item. It is done by: (1) Determining the purity of the gold in the item through an assay and (2) Knowing the current spot market price of gold which fluctuates up and down during any trading session. From these two steps, we arrive at the actual current value of the gold items our customers send to us. We do the same for silver and platinum items. Once we know this 100% value figure, we deduct a small percentage to cover our operational overhead and another modest percentage for profit. We are, after all, in business and no buyer can pay you 100% of actual value and survive. Our cash offer will show you both the actual value of the property we received and how much we deducted to arrive at your payout. No Internet buyer that we know of is more transparent.

Cash for Gold Co understands that our customers want to receive as much cash as possible from the sale and to get it as quickly as they can. We make this entire process fast and easy to help you meet this goal. Your payout will go out either by company check or direct deposit to your PayPal account if you prefer, within 24-hours of receiving your property and your acceptance of our cash offer.

Our Cash for Gold Jewelry Transactions are Safe and Dependable 

Cash for Gold Co.Com makes every effort to keep each transaction safe and dependable. We do this by pre-insuring each SECUREPAK™ mailing envelope and FedEx label for up to $1,000. We also pre-pay the postage, so our customers have zero shipping cost. Since the price of gold is still so high, we recommend that cash for gold and silver sellers who have a sizeable amount of property request more than one SECUREPAK™ to ensure that they are completely insured. We use FedEx because of their exceptional safety record and speed during transit.

Cash for Gold Co is ready to buy your gold, silver or platinum items today.


Cash for Gold Co never shares the information provided by our customers for the purpose of a sales transaction with anyone else under any circumstances whatsoever. We respect your privacy and we dislike ‘spam’. The only emails you will receive will be from Cash for Gold Co or our affiliates or special messages detailing important promotional offers that may be of interest to you. Neither does Our company ever discloses customer email addresses or contact information to third parties. Your private information is just that—private. 

Cash for Gold Co will keep the information you provide during a transaction or inquiry closely held in our records for possible future transactions.